5 Educational Sources on Woodworking We Love

February 26, 2021

Jarid Hockert

The woodworking industry is constantly evolving and expanding in response to new practices and products. To keep pace with these exciting changes and ensure that your team is fully leveraging all the tools at its disposal, it’s critical to find reliable educational sources on the field. By staying well informed on shifts and innovations in the world of woodworking, you can capitalize on the latest and greatest production systems before competitors are even aware of them, staying at the forefront of your field through optimal efficiency and product quality. But with so many publications and online resources available, it can be difficult to pin down which sources of information are worth your time and consideration.

At Timesavers, we pride ourselves in helping you maximize the efficiency, safety and profitability of your woodworking operations. That’s why we produce some of the most powerful and reliable wood sanding solutions the industry has to offer. We’re also passionate about providing all of the guidance and support you need to better understand and thrive in the field of woodworking. So today, let’s discuss five of our favorite educational sources on woodworking. You can rely on these resources for invaluable industry updates and advice on how to make your production processes even more effective.

1. Woodworking Network

Woodworking Network is a great resource for woodworkers to discover and discuss new technologies, supplies, techniques and sources of inspiration with fellow professionals. Regardless of the size or specialty of your shop, you’re sure to find fresh ideas and insights here. Woodworking Network is one our favorite ways to keep tabs on changes in the industry. The site posts several articles on recent woodworking news each day, meaning that there’s never a shortage of exciting content to digest. Whether you’re looking to study up on a particular type of woodworking, discuss your craft with other experts, admire fun creative projects or simply stay briefed on industry changes, Woodworking Network is the place to be.

2. The Wood Whisperer

The Wood Whisperer produces educational videos, podcasts and blogs on a massive variety of woodworking topics. Its founder and leading contributor, Marc J. Spagnuolo, is an expert woodworker with years of experience in creating and refinishing studio furniture and standard cabinetry. His insights into the world of woodworking range from tips and tricks on equipment maintenance to optimal sanding and finishing techniques. Our favorite aspect of The Wood Whisperer’s content is that it’s lighthearted and lively, a far cry from the many dry and dull videos and guides on woodworking plaguing the net. On top of his wealth of professional content, Spagnuolo occasionally throws in random creative projects that are very entertaining. We highly recommend The Wood Whisperer to any woodworkers looking for compelling advice and inspiration for new projects.

3. WOOD Magazine

WOOD Magazine offers a variety of woodworking how-to guides, project plans and information on wood materials and supplies. The magazine’s website provides hundreds of professional articles on wood finishing techniques, veneer and inlay, sanding and abrasives, glues and adhesives, dust collection and more. This site even features professional and subscriber reviews on a selection of woodworking tools and machines, allowing you to discover and research prospective additions to your shop. WOOD Magazine is a fantastic source for woodworkers seeking creative project plans and lessons on how to make their production systems safer and more efficient.

4. Popular Woodworking Magazine

Popular Woodworking Magazine is essentially a collection of professional articles and insights from some of America’s finest woodworkers. It collaborates with industry experts, like Roy Underhill from The Woodwright’s Shop, to introduce readers to fresh woodworking techniques and technologies. One of the most interesting facets of Popular Woodworking Magazine is that it emphasizes the philosophy of hybrid woodworking, which marries hand tool and power tool techniques to make beautiful, unique projects. This source also provides “SketchUp” models for almost every project, allowing readers to study and emulate them with incredible accuracy. We recommend checking out the Popular Woodworking Magazine website if you’d like to discover wood finishing tips, tricks and projects from some the industry’s best and brightest.

5. Fine Woodworking

Fine Woodworking is a popular publication from The Taunton Press. The magazine’s website features over 900 tips, tools and techniques. Fine Woodworking also hosts in-depth interviews and professionally produced videos of leading woodworking experts discussing their favorite machines and processes. The most impressive aspect of this source is its content diversity. Fine Woodworking provides comprehensive information on carving, furniture production, inlay and veneering, joinery, materials, milling, shaping, sharpening and much more, making it a valuable educational resource for virtually any type of woodworker.

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