AWFS Fair 2021 Newsletter

July 26, 2021

Kylie Shea

Timesavers, LLC




The week of July 19th, Timesavers was in Las Vegas, NV for AWFS Fair 2021. Our team was in high spirits from the time we arrived until the time we departed Las Vegas. Our team started setting up a few days before the event. 

Timesavers has been attending the AWFS Fair for decades and we were thrilled to attend once again. We brought a team of experts to aid in customer service and demonstrations. This expert team helped with customer relations and much more through the week. 

We also celebrated our 75th Anniversary while attending AWFS with a cocktail party on Wednesday the 21st. This event had an amazing attendance, we consider this a great turnout. We look forward to attending AWFS once again in 2 years!

New Machines that were featured at AWFS Fair 2021

The New SR-12: The Dubois linear spray machine is perfect for moulding, trim, wood flooring, and cabinet components
The New MS-12: Offered by Timesavers & Dubois, our newly redesigned moulding sander is great for sanding or denibbing linear parts
The New 23 Series Polisher: Timesavers’ newly designed Veneer Polisher, features a chevron belt for precision in veneer sanding. This machine was available for live demonstrations