If your company manufactures wood products, you understand the importance of producing a flawless finish. Creating a high-quality fabricated finish does more than improve your products' appearance — it's vital to your company's bottom line.

13 Series

The 13 Series woodworking machine is compact and dependable that features several standard options and equipped with up to 3 heads. This machine is ideal for education technical centers as well as all types of woodworking shops.

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23 Series

When it comes to tackling industrial planing, or sanding tasks, you need a machine that gets the job done right, every time. If you’re looking for a durable and efficient tool to dimension and finish wood products with ease, look no further than the 23 Series stationary widebelt, planer, orbital, & veneer sanders. These dependable…

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Timesavers 33 Series machine

33 Series

The 33 Series machines are time-tested, with a workhorse design for maximum performance, with a competitive price to deliver outstanding value. Every craftsman has different needs, so each machine is configured around your application & situation. Through years of customer feedback and experience, the 33 Series has evolved into a feature-packed industry benchmark for excellence….

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Moulding Sander

Timesavers’ and Dubois’ new MS series of moulding sanders were engineered and designed with cabinet and furniture plants in mind. Available in 2 to 7 head configurations, this economic sanding/denibbing machine is capable of handling mouldings as short as 17″, and from 1/8″ to 12″ wide. Every head on the MS Series Moulding Sander is…

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With brush sanding machines, you can eliminate imperfections on flat or profiled wood pieces like flat-panel doors, mouldings and cabinet doors to generate a fine, well-polished finish. Brush sanding removes jagged or loose wood pieces from a product before finishing it to ensure a smooth surface.

You can purchase advanced brush sanders to optimize your woodworking operations at Timesavers. We’ve manufactured cutting-edge brush sanding solutions since 1946, making us the industry leaders you can trust.

Our Brush Sanding Machines Fit Seamlessly Into Your Existing Lines

If you’re looking to perfect your wood finish and produce top-quality products for your customers, our brush sander machines for wood deliver the best results. Our innovative solutions are tailored to your company’s individualized needs and strict specifications, providing a quality finish on your wooden workpieces every time.

We understand that every manufacturer is different and has unique needs. That’s why we offer an extensive machine selection encompassing a wide range of piece sizes. You can also leverage multiple head options to achieve numerous brush sanding applications, such as raw wood sanding, orbital sanding, planing and veneer sanding for industry-leading versatility.

Our Brush Sander Machines for Wood

You can find a complete selection of brush sanding solutions in our inventory, including:

  • 13 Series: Our 13 Series wide-belt brush sanders are compact machines with up to three heads. These solutions are cost-effective, user-friendly and easy to maintain.
  • 23 Series: These dependable machines perform rugged industrial sanding and planing tasks with optimal accuracy and tight tolerances. These tools have up to four heads and last longer than standard machines.
  • 33 Series: The 33 Series brush sanders boast outstanding performance, long life cycles and competitive pricing with up to five heads for optimal versatility. As the industry benchmark for excellence, these solutions help users maximize production.
  • Moulding sanders: Our MS Series moulding sanders are ideal for cabinet and furniture sanding and denibbing with up to seven adjustable head configurations. These easy-to-use machines ensure a consistent color match with top speeds.

Benefits of Brush Sanding

When you upgrade your production line with brush sander machines from Timesavers, you can experience many advantages:

  • Superior finish: Our brush sanders remove fibers, scratches, cut marks and machining lines to produce a smooth and consistent surface finish with an excellent color match.
  • Fast production: These machines save companies time by minimizing the need for tedious manual operations and boosting production speeds.
  • Application versatility: You can use brush sanders on countless wooden surfaces and non-metal products like fiberboards, composites, rubber, foam and fiberglass.

Partner With Expert Brush Sanding Machine Manufacturers

You can deliver the perfect surface finish to your wood workpieces with brush sanders from Timesavers. As one of the industry's oldest and largest wood and metal finishing machine manufacturers, we're always pioneering new advancements in abrasives technology.