How Rotary Brush Machines Improve Edge Quality

When fabricating metal or wood products for highly demanding industries, like health care and food processing, there are certain expectations for your edge finishing, such as reliable quality, burr-free surfaces and smoother textures. Yet, traditional industrial sanding machines and manual processes take more time and may produce less than desirable results. Timesavers developed innovative rotary…

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Deburring Methods

Deburring wire brush machine

For many industries, it’s critical to have dependable parts and machines that give you consistent, accurate results. Many different projects, particularly those involving metal, require extreme attention to detail and precision to keep your operations productive and produce predictable outcomes. It’s important to have tools and machines on hand to keep your metal smooth, avoid…

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How to Remove Slag From Steel

How to remove slag from steel

Table of Contents How Does Heavy Slag Form? How Slag Grinders Work Finding the Best Slag Removal Equipment Operator Safety Contact Timesavers Today If your business deals with smelting, cutting or otherwise working with steel, you probably have to deal with slag. Removing slag can be difficult and dangerous, but it is an essential part…

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Solution Laser Oxide Removal

Before coating or welding or other surface treatments, the side of a metal part must be clean and without laser oxide. The laser oxide removal brushes developed by Timesavers can be used to remove the laser oxide layer without damaging the metal part. An oxide layer, also called laser oxide, is created when metals are…

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How to Mechanically Finish Metal

How to mechanically finish metal

After a piece of metal is shaped by a machining process, there’s a chance the surface will contain blemishes and sharp edges that could get in the way of the item’s intended application. By using metal finishing techniques, you can create a beautifully smooth and polished manufactured metal product. Depending on your manufacturing process, you…

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Using Dust Collectors for Metalworking

If you specialize in metalworking, you already understand the importance of proper dust collection. Not only can the metal contaminants released during use of a sander pollute the air and dirty up your shop, but they also have the potential to cause dangerous thermal events that can harm employees and equipment. That’s where high-quality dust…

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Deburring Foiled Parts

Sample of foiled metal components

  Part 4 of the 32 & 42 Series Rotary Brush applications mini series will focus on the deburring and edge rounding of foiled parts.   32 & 42 brushes will deburr and edge round foiled products without harming the surface.

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Arrival of the 32 Series in the US

Timesavers 32 Series RB machine in action

The first 32 Series Rotary Brush Machine has arrived in the United States. This state of the art Widebelt – Rotary Brush – Widebelt is the perfect machine for edge rounding, deburring, & finishing your parts. The machine comes with all the bells & whistles, and ready to go to it’s home in the western…

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What Is Deburring?

What is Deburring

Table of Contents Definition What Causes a Burr? How Do You Remove Burrs From Metal? How Does a Deburring Machine Work? Why Is Deburring Necessary? 4 Simple Tips for Deburring Metal Make Timesavers Your Trusted Source for Deburring Machines If your shop regularly for machines parts, you’ve probably had to deal with unwelcome burrs on…

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