Common Brush Sanding Mistakes

Brush sanding equipment from Timesavers, LLC.

  Rotary brush machines are important pieces of equipment in manufacturing facilities, providing uniform finishing to create high-quality metal and wood products. From deburring and edge finishing to slag and laser oxide removal, rotary brush machines are one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in the production line. However, some common brush sanding mistakes can result…

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What is a Rotary Brush Sander?

A Timesavers rotary brush machine and wire brush sander

A rotary brush sander helps those in the manufacturing business clean and prepare materials and products for finishing. Understanding the various types of brushes, wires and applications can help you choose the suitable machine for your needs. Whether you need to clean pipes or deburr materials, a reliable rotary brush sander improves production speeds and…

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Types of Cylindrical Grinding Defects

Cylindrical grinidng machines from Timesavers, LLC.

  An essential step in many manufacturing processes is cylindrical grinding, the process of using abrasive grinding to remove material from a workpiece. Various industries use cylindrical grinding machines, from automotive and aerospace to military and information technology. These machines shape pieces like cylinders, pistons and pins to suit the desired form and function. Although…

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The Top 10 Reasons You Should Attend FABTECH 2022

FABTECH is the largest manufacturing show in North America, and it’s returning to Atlanta in November of 2022. Here are the top 10 reasons you should join us. 1. See the latest technology and equipment from over 1,700 exhibitors 2. Learn from keynote speakers, educational sessions, and hands-on classes 3. Find solutions for your specific…

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What is Automated Cylindrical Finishing

What is automated centerless finishing

Looking to upgrade and automate your manufacturing systems with a centerless finishing machine? Learn how cylindrical finishing machines work! With unmatched precision and continuous automation, these machines are superior options to manual cylindrical grinding. Especially if you need to process many parts at once, a cylindrical finishing machine can automate results through one of three…

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TJM Capital Partners Announces Acquisition of Midwest Automation LLC

TJM Capital, a private equity investment firm focusing on lower middle-market growth businesses today announced the acquisition of Midwest Automation LLC a leading manufacturer of industrial machinery for metal product finishing. “Midwest Automation is exactly the type of business we look to partner with,” according to TJM Chairman Tom McDonough. “Midwest has a tremendous legacy…

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