Deburring is crucial in the metalworking process, ensuring safe and usable part generation. Many metal machining processes, such as milling, grinding, drilling and stamping, leave sharp, raised edges, ridges and protrusions known as burs behind. Metal deburring machines are designed to remove these imperfections from machined metal products to create a smooth, high-quality finish. At Timesavers, we use extensive research and customer feedback to develop automated deburring machines that deliver a superior surface finish. We've served as leading deburring machine manufacturers since 1946, producing innovative products designed to boost production speeds while minimizing labor costs.

Upgrade Your Line With Automated Deburring Machines

You can remove burs from your metal workpieces to ensure a safe, smooth and visually appealing surface finish with advanced deburring solutions from Timesavers. We understand every company has different needs and specifications, which is why we offer a complete line of automatic deburring machines for budgets ranging from large to small. When you invest in our state-of-the-art metalworking products, you can expect around-the-clock operation and versatile function for parts of any size, shape and coating. Due to their dependable performance and durability, our metal deburring machines and components boast long life spans, saving you money on equipment maintenance.

Timesavers 11 series wet machine

11 Series

The 11 Series operates wet and has an integrated product dryer and paper belt filter. This machine is easy to operate, and after a few minutes of training, a perfectly finished part can be produced. The 11 Series is delivered with a 9″ wide conveyor belt.

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Timesavers 12 Series dry deburring machine

12 Series

The 12 Series dry deburring machine has been the standard in the metal industry for more than forty years. Thousands of these economically attractive deburring machines are being used worldwide for the deburring and finishing of small parts.

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Timesavers 21 Series wet processing machine

21 Series

The 21 Series wet processing machine offers many features of larger single-head wet machines, but with reduced horsepower and compact design for an economical price for lower production requirements.

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Timesavers 22 Series metal finishing and deburring machine

22 Series

The 22 Series can be configured for metal finishing or deburring at a competitive price. This versatile group of machines is available in 2 widths with configurations of 1-3 heads. By combining an abrasive belt and a brush, products can be deburred and rounded in one pass. The machine is produced for deburring laser cut…

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Timesavers 31 Series LYNX wet metal processing machine

31 Series (LYNX)

The 31 Series wet metal processing machine is engineered and designed to your exact needs. The 31 Series is the most versatile machine that Timesavers offers. This heavy-duty machine can be run up to 2 shifts per day.

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Timesavers 32 Series RB machine

32 Series RB

The 32 Series RB is the Timesavers mid-range RB machine, offering versatility for deburring, edge rounding, finishing, and laser oxide removal for different materials.

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Timesavers 41 series Puma grinder

41 Series (PUMA)

The 41 Series (PUMA) is engineered, designed, and built for 3 shifts, and 24/7 operations. This high-quality grinder is available with up to 4 heads with multiple head types. This makes the machine extremely suitable for machining thin, oiled, greasy, and/or highly flammable metal parts and materials.

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Timesavers 42 Series Rotary Brush Dry Machine

42 Series RB

The 42 Series Rotary Brush dry machine is the ultimate machine for deburring, finishing, edge radiusing, laser oxide removal, and heavy slag removal. This machine offers the perfect solution for manufacturers who supply premium quality products. The high quality is achieved through a multi-rotating brush machine with eight abrasive flap brushes that deburr uniformly and…

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Compact 9 Series

The Timesavers Compact 9 Series are economical machines, ideal for deburring, finishing, and edge breaking of small parts. The combination of a small footprint and minimal power requirements allow these models to be easily placed where the need is greatest. Available with a belt head & top brush assembly gives users flexibility based on application.

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Timesavers 10 Series Manual Grinder

Manual Grinder

The manual grinder is Timesaver’s versatile starter model and the cost saving alternative for manual deburring, edge rounding, and/or finishing of metal.

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Timesavers Hammerhead Slag Grinder

Slag Grinders

Timesavers slag grinders are designed for heavy dross removal created by plasma tables. The slag grinder is offered in different duty cycles. The 12 Series SG is available for a 1 shift operation while the 22 Series is more heavy-duty and would be used in a 1-2 shift operation. The 42 Series with a Hammerhead…

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Why Use Automated Deburring Machines for Metal?

Automatic deburring machines are excellent solutions for any metalworking facility due to their many beneficial processes and effects. The primary advantages of using metal deburring machines include:

  • Product quality: Metal deburring generates a blemish-free finish. This process allows you to produce polished, high-quality metal parts, which have several advantages.
  • Safety: Smoothing out metal edges through deburring protects workers against injury by preventing them from cutting themselves on sharp ridges. These automated machines also make the deburring process safer by minimizing manual labor and human error.
  • Paint adhesion: Removing burs from metal pieces is necessary for paint adhesion, preventing these coatings from breaking along the surface by creating rounded edges.
  • Product consistency: Our deburring machines eliminate manual labor by performing processes automatically. That improvement means quality will remain consistent for every product instead of varying between operators and pieces.
  • Speed: By leveraging automatic operation, our deburring machines cut out tedious manual processes. Automation maximizes operational efficiency and gives your team more time to focus on other critical tasks.

Ongoing Parts Support From Your Deburring Machine Manufacturer

We make machine maintenance and repairs simple with ongoing parts support. We maintain an extensive inventory of over $6 million in components manufactured with top-quality raw materials and stringent quality control standards. Our expert staff will help you find the ideal parts for your equipment and ship them to you the same day, cutting downtime. We can also provide you with installation advice to help you achieve quick and seamless repairs.

Invest in Top-Quality Metal Deburring Machines at Timesavers

You can ensure your metal parts are free of imperfections with dependable and efficient deburring machines from Timesavers. As your trusted deburring machine manufacturer, we provide the highest-quality metal finishing machines equipped with advanced abrasives technology. We’ve worked with practically every industry to create next-level solutions that revolutionize finishing processes.

Ready to Upgrade Your Deburring Systems?