Finding the Right Machine for Heavy Stock Removal

February 26, 2021

Jarid Hockert

Heavy stock removal is the process of clearing away large amounts of material (or stock) from a workpiece. For wooden pieces, heavy stock removal necessitates robust sanding or planing solutions with the power and durability to tear through the material quickly and evenly. However, the proper heavy stock sanding machine for you depends largely on the specific materials and production systems you’re working with. Moreover, heavy stock removal machines can be customized with different heads to make them more effective for certain applications. With so many variables to account for—including different machine sizes and manufacturing brands—it can be difficult for a woodworking shop to pin down exactly which heavy stock machinery they should invest in. That’s why we’re here to provide some guidance on the subject.

At Timesavers, we’ve been producing leading-edge sanding solutions for metalworking, woodworking and specialty materials for over 70 years. We’ve developed durable, reliable machines for almost every woodworking process you can imagine, including heavy stock removal, so we know a thing or two about the difficulties of choosing the right solution for this demanding application. Today, we’ll be giving you a rundown on a few of our heavy stock removal machines and how they can help you overcome common challenges related to the process.


The YIELDSAVER (knife planer) is a compact and powerful two-headed top/bottom machine that quickly centers each board being processed, eliminating fixed cuts from thin boards and roller splits of material. With a 7” maximum opening height, large cutter head drive motors, and preloaded airbags to mitigate upper frame movement, the YIELDSAVER is a highly reliable planer solution. Its size also helps with one of the most prominent issues affecting woodworking shops: space constraints. This machine enables your team to effortlessly remove heavy stock from pieces without having to rearrange or remove other production systems to accommodate its size.

Another key problem woodworkers encounter during heavy stock removal is limited machine lifespan, especially when they’re working with tougher wood materials. Regrettably, many planing machines on the market aren’t equipped to withstand prolonged production sessions, causing their parts to malfunction or break completely within a short time. The YIELDSAVER features a heavy duty machine frame (made right here in the USA) and strong 7” diameter knife heads with carbide inserts, ensuring that it will endure and thrive in even the most demanding production lines. Put simply, if you’re in need of a machine that offers exceptional yields and a consistent leading-edge finish in small to mid-sized applications, then the YIELDSAVER should be at the top of your list.

2. The 5300 Series

Our 5300 Series (knife planer) solutions are designed and built with large-scale heavy stock removal in mind. These powerhouse machines feature up to four heads, using a powerful cutter head (which includes four-side replaceable carbide inserts) followed by a contact drum and/or combination heads to rip through boards with speed and perfect precision. 5300 Series machines bring a maximum of 125 horsepower on its sanding heads and 60 HP on cutter heads—more than enough to finish virtually any production needs.

Operator safety is another chief concern among woodworkers dealing in heavy stock removal, and that’s an aspect of 5300 Series machines that truly shines. All of these solutions include a hardy infeed safety stop bar and door interlocks to ensure maximum operator protection. Pair these invaluable safety features with infeed anti-kickback fingers, and it’s no surprise why woodworking shops around the country trust in 5300 Series machines to deliver safe and incredibly cost-effective results during heavy stock removal operations.

3. The 3300 Series

Looking for a medium-sized heavy stock removal machine that balances compact size with outstanding horsepower? Look no further than our 3300 Series wide belt sanders. These sanding solutions are ruggedly built to provide a long life of peerless performance. They’re also highly versatile, being capable of completing wide belt sanding and calibrating, panel sanding, and heavy stock removal. The most appealing aspect of the 3300 Series lies in their customization features. You can build your machine with up to four heads, different abrasive belt lengths, bottom head configurations and more, ensuring that it meets and surpasses your exact production needs.

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