An Introduction to Cabinet Finishing Systems

February 26, 2021

Jarid Hockert

When it comes to cabinet finishing systems, there are numerous actions that need to take place before a cabinet enters the market. From its drawer sides to its toe kicks, every part of a cabinet needs to meet your company’s high standards before it can be released for sale. To bring you the best in cabinet finishing systems, Timesavers has partnered with Dubois. Dubois has been creating leading-edge finishing systems for over 50 years and aspires to the same high standards that Timesavers prides itself on, making the partnership a natural choice.

Through Dubois, we’re able to offer cabinet finishing systems that can handle every step of the cabinet finishing process, including door, drawer side, face frame, end panel, fill strip, and toe kick finishing. With a Dubois cabinet finishing system, you’ll benefit from exceptional quality and consistent finishes. When using a Dubois cabinet finishing system, your products will display beautiful, solid surfaces that reflect industry standards and market desires. Most importantly, Dubois finishing systems offer peerless reliability and boost productivity, delivering more predictable material usage patterns while improving your bottom line.

Finishing Doors with Timesavers & Dubois

The door finish is the most apparent feature on most cabinets. Those in the industry know that a well-designed door is what sells a cabinet. From homeowners to designers, anyone shopping for new cabinetry knows the value of a beautiful door finish. Being such an important aspect of a cabinet’s design, the last thing a manufacturer wants is a machine that delivers unpredictable results. You want to know that your finishing system will produce beautiful, easy-to-achieve results, every single time. And that’s exactly what you’ll get with a Dubois cabinet door finishing system.

The Dubois cabinet door finishing system has the ability to take white wood and transform it into any desired finish. This eliminates the possibility of having finished cabinet doors that vary in color or quality, like those you might find when finishing your cabinet doors manually. Additionally, with this technology, if a cabinet door ever needs to be replaced or your customer desires to expand their cabinetry, additional cabinets can be made to match the original order perfectly.

Finishing Your Entire Cabinet System with Timesavers & Dubois

While door finishings are the most visible part of a cabinet system, the behind-the-scenes pieces like drawer sides, face frames, end panels, fill strips, and toe kicks can’t be overlooked. Serious designers and experienced homeowners know that when it comes to their finished cabinet system, every piece is just as important as the next.

While the above-listed pieces may not be as visible as a cabinet door, our Dubois finishing systems treat them all as equally important. Many of the same technologies from the door finishing system are used to create the drawer, face, end panel, fill strip, and toe kick finishing systems. With a high production capacity, any of the Dubois finishing systems are able to run lineal lengths or cut-to-size pieces of white wood through your desired finishing and coating processes with ease.

And like the door finishing systems, you can be assured that your finished cabinet features will come out identically each time. Once the pieces have been run through our finishing systems and have received their solid finish, they’ll be ready for secondary operations and will resist scratching or abrading during the shipping and handling process.

Learn More About Cabinetry Finishing with Timesavers & Dubois Today

With over 120 years of combined experience, Timesavers and Dubois make the perfect team when it comes to cabinet finishing systems. If you’d like to learn more about cabinet finishing, we urge you to give our experienced team of experts a call. Or, if you’re ready to develop a cabinet finishing system that’s right for your needs, the Dubois team would be more than happy to help.