The 41 Series (PUMA) is engineered, designed, and built for 3 shifts, and 24/7 operations. This high-quality grinder is available with up to 4 heads with multiple head types. This makes the machine extremely suitable for machining thin, oiled, greasy, and/or highly flammable metal parts and materials.

Solution: metal.       Tags: Deburring, Edge Breaking, Finishing, Precision Grinding

  • Number of heads: 1-4
  • Head types: Drum, Brush
  • Multiple configurations available based on customer applications
  • 75″ sanding belt length
  • 10″ minimum part length
  • Up to 30 HP main motors
  • 8″ diameter barrel brush
  • 0-6″ opening
  • Machine widths of 37″ & 52″
  • 15-45 fpm throughput
  • Electronic photo tracking eyes for accurate abrasive belt tracking

The 41 Series (PUMA) is a complete machine with an integrated filtration system to keep metal parts cool during machining, and adding lubricity ensuring the abrasive belt’s service life is extended. A high-pressure air system dries the metal parts as they are exiting the machine.

  • Removal of burrs on laser, water-jet, punched, and cut metal parts.
  • Provide the finest finish in the industry
  • Deburr, edge break, & finishing of metal in one pass
  • Mixing of metals, including titanium, aluminum, carbon & stainless steel, copper, etc.