The Randbright RB 120 optimizes your day-to-day productivity with increased operating power. With multiple configuration options and dry or wet models, you can seamlessly install the RB 120 into your existing cylindrical finishing systems.

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Cylindrical Finishing Equipment

In various metalworking and manufacturing applications, cylindrical finishing is vital for preparing your metal components for optimal performance. Cylindrical grinding and deburring involves smoothing out sharp edges that may have formed during manufacturing, and the right equipment solutions can significantly speed up your manufacturing processes.

Cylindrical deburring equipment from Randbright takes a fraction of the time manual tube deburring requires, so it can help you accomplish critical operational goals more efficiently and effectively. Work with us to meet your equipment and surface finish needs today!


At Timesavers, we understand that you have unique operational needs and you want the right fit for your particular applications. With Randbright cylindrical finishing machines, you can reduce operating times and get the versatility and power you need to complete jobs sooner.

The Randbright RB 120 product offerings feature:

  • Wet or dry model options.
  • User-friendly, (optional) innovative Human-Machine Interface (HMI).
  • Multiple available configurations.
  • 15-HP motor size.
  • Multiple machine width options to match your applications.

Whether you’re looking for a specific tube finishing option or you aren’t sure which surface polishing equipment type you need yet, the Timesavers team can help you find the best machinery for your business. We offer worldwide expertise and resources to support each client’s unique applications and manufacturing processes.


With cylindrical grinding and deburring equipment from Randbright, you can optimize your day-to-day productivity with increased operating power and precision components. Experience advantages such as:

  • Streamlined operations: From optional productivity reporting tools to robust operating capabilities, your equipment can help you get the job done sooner and more easily.
  • Robust performance: Randbright equipment is built to handle the job 24/7, delivering maximum uptime for your day-to-day requirements.
  • Multiple customization selections: You can choose from a range of brushes, head types and other customization options to help you address your specific applications effectively.

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As one of the oldest and most advanced finishing equipment manufacturers worldwide, Timesavers offers trusted solutions and resources for your requirements. Our tube-deburring machines can help you accomplish more on the job with less manual labor and downtime. Our goal is to provide unmatched customer service and ongoing support, helping you get the best possible experience when you work with us.

From maximizing productivity to reducing waste for our clients’ finishing processes, our equipment solutions offer the best value for your investment. We stand out for our dedication to excellence, technical machine support and exceptional customization options. Partner with us to get the right solutions for your needs.

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  • Motor size: 15 HP
  • Spindle diameter: 2”
  • Feed drum: 32” long by 11.25” diameter
  • Abrasive belt/brush: 8” wide by 14” diameter
  • Maximum part diameter: 12”


Across manufacturing industry sectors, tube deburring is a critical part of the finishing process. With equipment from Randbright, you can maximize safety and performance on the job while reducing operating times. You can address various applications at the work site with an optimized tube deburring machine, including:

  • Deburring
  • Finishing
  • Oxide skin removal.

Randbright solutions can work with several types of tubes in various shapes and sizes, so you get the versatility you need for your specific operations.