The Randbright RB 80 drastically reduces your finishing times compared to manual processing and applications, while also providing a consistent high-quality finish every time.

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Cylindrical Polishing Machine

Tube polishing and grinding is essential for ensuring the final tube components operate safely and efficiently on the job. The right surface finishing equipment can be a significant asset for your operations during the manufacturing process. This method reduces finishing times considerably compared to manual processing, and it provides a high-quality final product.

When you need the right finishing machinery for your applications, Randbright can help. You can get trusted cylindrical tube polishing equipment to address a range of operational needs and provide high performance for every job. Explore how available tube polishing machine offerings can streamline and optimize your day-to-day operations.

Tube Polishing and Grinding Equipment Features

When you tackle a polishing and grinding job, you have unique requirements that need precise equipment solutions. Randbright equipment includes various options so you can find the right fit for your operational needs and goals.

With our range of quality equipment options and expertise, the Timesavers team can work with you to identify the best user-friendly machinery for your needs. Randbright cylindrical polishing machines can give you the heavy-duty performance and optimized output you need for your projects.

The Randbright RB 80 machine offers specialized features you can leverage for your applications. Key features include:

  • Options for dry and wet models.
  • 15 HP motor size.
  • Multiple available machine configurations.
  • 12-inch part diameter for your requirements.
  • User-friendly control features through an optional optimized Human-Machine Interface (HMI).

You may know precisely what you need for your projects, or you may just know the machine capabilities you require. The Timesavers team is here to help you identify critical requirements and find the right polishing system options in either case.


As the new standard for usability and high-quality output, Randbright cylindrical polishing equipment delivers advanced comfort and functionality for your applications. You’ll gain advantages like these with tube polishing machines:

  • Increased resource efficiency: Our product delivers an optimized price-to-quality ratio and low consumable use to keep your operations running as efficiently as possible.
  • Versatile usability: With tube finishing equipment from us, you can manage multiple requirements for different tubing types with the same machine.
  • Maximum uptime: Designed to handle 24/7 operations, our machines provide long-term uptime so that you can get more done with maximum productivity.

Buy Your Stainless Steel Tube Polishing and Grinding Machines From Timesavers

At Timesavers, we’ve been meeting critical finishing machine needs for over 70 years. We’re committed to providing outstanding client support and service so that you can get the best value from our equipment. Our Randbright solutions equip you for every finishing job with advanced technical machine support, a range of customization options and unmatched product quality.

If you’re interested in more information about Randbright products, reach out to request a quote today.

  • Motor size: 10 HP
  • Spindle diameter: 2”
  • Feed drum: 32” long by 11.25” diameter
  • Abrasive belt/brush: 6” wide by 14” diameter
  • Maximum part diameter: 8”


Tube polishing can deliver optimized value for final manufactured tubing products. With finishing machine solutions from Randbright, you can complete jobs faster while getting the best results for your work.

You can use Randbright tube polishing equipment for several applications, including:

  • Deburring
  • Removing defects & weld seams
  • Decreasing surface roughness for plating
  • Increasing surface area for painting
  • Removing oxidation
  • Enhancing product appearance.

Use these robust machines to handle a range of polishing needs for round tubes of different sizes and types.