The Timesavers Speedsander is a versatile sanding machine that uses a combination drum and platen head to improve the finish on wood, mitigate hand labor, and is a time and cost-saving upgrade over the entry-level drum sander. This portable model is designed for cabinetmakers and woodworkers and is ideal for a variety of woodworking projects.

Solution: wood.       Tags: Widebelt Sanding and Calibrating

  • Number of heads: 1
  • Head types: Combination drum & platen
  • 37″ & 43″ machine widths
  • Drum diameter of 4″
  • 1.5″ platen
  • Up to 10 HP main motor drives
  • 0-4″ bed opening
  • 10-30 fpm throughput

The Speedsander is the Timesavers gateway sander, designed for 2-3 person woodworking shops. The A-Frame design gives this machine flexibility to move around on its castors. The castors allow woodworkers to move this machine around the shop, allowing for ease of use, and a quick transition between applications.