The Yieldsaver is a compact and powerful machine that effortlessly self-centers each board as it is being processed to optimize the user’s production process. Rough mill planer ideal for a wide range of manufacturers such as cabinetmakers, millwork, furniture plants & more. The Yieldsaver produces high yields, top grades, and a high-quality knife & belt finish. A user can expect at least a 3% yield savings with the Yieldsaver for a quick ROI.

Solution: wood.       Tags: Heavy Stock Removal

  • Number of Heads: 2
  • Head Types: Knife, Abrasive
  • Machine Widths: 24”, 32″
  • Up to 150 HP Main Drive Motors
  • 0-6” Machine Opening (34” or 52″ Constant Passline)
  • 50-300 FPM Feed Speed
  • 7” Diameter Knife Head w/Carbide Inserts
  • Anti-Kickback Safety Assembly
  • Sectional Infeed Shoes w/Innovative Patented Design
  • Self-Centering Infeed Drive Rolls w/Patented Flexible Core
  • Timesavers Simple Touch HMI/PLC Interface
  • Contact Timesavers for Custom Features and Option

Customer Markets & Applications – Large scale wood production factories taking rough lumber from the dry kiln and produce a consumer product.

  • The Timesavers Yieldsaver is still the top-of-the-line top and bottom knife & abrasive planer in the industry.
  • The machine self-centers the board to get the most useable wood and doesn’t split cupped boards, creating a much cleaner surface for the defector scanners.
  • Our customers should expect yield savings between 3-5% on the wood itself, and also the rip optimization through scanners.